MSTS Activity Analysis

MSTS Activity Analysis 2.12

MSTS Activity Analysis is an Add-On to the Microsoft Train-Simulator
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Who wasn't angry about a non-working activity in the Train-Simulator because of missing models. In the activity-editor all files will be packed but without any models. But with this hundrets of models it is easy to miss one, if you download an activity. But the handlings in the Train-Simulator with this missing files are horrible. You will get error-messages and sometimes chrashes.

This is now over. With this small utility you can check your activities before using it in MSTS. He will list all routes and all activities. With the analysis you can check every activity. And you can check all your consists for missing models.

The result is a list of all used models. And there is a check, if the model is on your computer. You can print this list and save it. This is helpful, if you wanna publish an activity and let the people know, which models you have used in there. And everybody can see that before loading it.

As another option you can copy all used models in a temporary folder. There you can pack them and send it to another user. Now it is possible to change non-existing models against existing ones.

You can make also an automatic replacement for non-existing files. He will look on your computer, if this files are in other folders. This is extremely helpful, if you have your own folder-systematic.

If there are missing files to an existing activity (player-service, traffic-definition or consists) you will get an extra list with this files. Missing consists can be created by the program. Everybody, who likes to play foreign activities or create some, should use this program. It can save nerves and time.

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